Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Pale Frog

An Albino Grippli, from the upcoming Goblin Hulk module by Ross Peyton of the RolePlaying Public Radio Podcast. I will be doing several art pieces for this module release. If you're a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons, or roleplaying in general, I highly recommend checking them out. They have some amazingly entertaining Actual Play podcasts going on, as well as tips and advice for running an excellent roleplaying game.

I particularly like his Hypno-Toad eyes, and the carved markings on his chest, I think they came out quite nicely. Violet made the brilliant suggestion of coloring his pupils red, as albino animals' pupils tend to be. (There's your random fact of the day.)

This visual style is the result of combining my traditional method of composing with my new method of rendering. (Using textures overlayed with "Hard Light" layers for colors and lighting)

Also, I racked up like 500,000 points of shotgun damage in Killing Floor in the last couple days. SOOO close to my next rank of Support Specialist. So a good day all around.

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