Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Look What I Did to ART! (Part 2)

After a good night's sleep I produced this pudgy, dumpy godlike being.

He looks like he's about to cry. Perhaps it is the lack of a shirt? Or his silly ponytails.

A few gestures and a couple cups of coffee later and things started to go better. Switching to female figures seemed to help.

She has like a spider pet and some spidery face paint.

I'm feeling pretty good about this design. I'm a big fan of her short choppy knife.

Apparently that was the start of me not sucking, because then I finally got a decent guy out of this art fiesta.

Hornet warrior or somesuch.

I think there are bees that hunt centipedes, right? Anyways, this one does.

And why not, after all that, finish where I started.
Pretty happy with this one too.

I think I'll be coloring up a few of these in the near future.

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