Saturday, August 29, 2009

PC A Day Twofer: Bosley and Aidan (part deux)

Sorry all, no worries. There'll still be a pic every day. Just didn't have a decent internet connection last night, so I had to post it today. Today's is Bosley, yesterday's was Aidan again.

Bosley is built like a large cat, so he can prowl, climb up buildings, leap really far, and run fast to catch prey. He uses his small but sharp black claws to tear and kills humans. Bosley is more snarky, over-confident and boastful, getting him into a lot of trouble!Bosley doesn't have a nose - it was shot off of his face by a Survivor. - LadyEsca1812

Aidan was posted here before (Link Here) but I really didn't feel the image did her justice, so I tried again with a more "portrait" style image. Hope you enjoy, Internets!

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