Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PC A Day: Aidan

"The story she's in is set in slightly-after-modern times, so it's a little bit scifi--but most of the story takes place on another planet, which looks a little like Mars with plant life. The buildings and people there are more medieval then modern. Aidan's a 20-year-old female human from Earth who just so happened to stow away on a spaceship and so arrives at the planet. She's kind of pale and rather skinny, with shortish red hair, and she's more likely to wear shorts or pants and a shirt rather than anything even resembling a dress. Aidan's not really the heroic type--it's more like she always ends up where and when things change, whether that's good or bad. She usually carries a sword, just to be on the safe side, since it points in seemingly random directions at times and directs her there--which usually saves her life." - Alois Noette

Today's character brought to you by Alois Noette
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