Monday, September 7, 2009

Goblin Hulk Cover Preview

Some nearly-finished works for the upcoming "Goblin Hulk" release by RPPR.

Here's a series of images from the progress on the cover, from earliest sketch up through the nearly finished version.

Here's the earliest sketch of the hulk. You can see here that the dragon was originally inside the hull, and that the deck at the front was higher in the style of British full-rigged ships. Those blue boxes are layout marks for the areas typically covered by text and graphic elements in the fimal image.

A revised version after consulting with Ross over at RPPR. Some texture has been added at this stage, the deck bas been lowered to show off the Gobin market along the top. The dragon has been moved outside the hull and populated with more a refugee style camp of kobolds. Some of the marks you see here were using in the final piece, particularly those around the Dragon's head and the market.

The current, nearly finished version. With a newly referenced skeleton, extra layers of grime and detailing onto the boat, a more rendered Marketplace, and of course COLOR! This may change before the final cover, but it's getting close to what you'll see in the final image.

And a cropped version. This is what would go on the front of the book. The top may feel empty, but that's space for the title of the book and the author's name. Need to put a signature on here at some point I suppose.

So yeah. There it is, with some (albeit granular) stages of production and development of concept. Keep your eyes peeled for the release of the Goblin Hulk Campaign Module from Ross Peyton over at RPPR.

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