Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hulk A Day part 1: Balgron the Fat

A potbellied Goblin Chieftan from the Goblin Hulk. Balgron the Fat is a conniving, backstabing, cowardly fellow, who's always looking around for his newest enemy or opportunity. He'll smile to your face, even as he twists the knife into your back. Quick to spend money on fashionable clothing or fancy weapons in order to show his wealth and wisdom, he lacks anything resembling actual fashion sense. This rarely is apparent to the other goblins, I imagine.

This NPC is from From the upcoming Goblin Hulk Release by Ross Peyton of Roleplaying Public Radio. Coming September 26th, and featuring cover and interior art by yours truly. Check out the site and forums for more previews and writing.

Stay Tuned Here for more NPC's and PC's from the Actual Play adventure featured on RPPR's podcast.

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