Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Temples and Dudes - This week in art

First up, a couple (very early) concept/illustration sketches from the upcoming New World: Codex of War release from RPPR. Here we have the ancient Lemurian golem factory. Just trying to get a feel for the shot we want to use, and the space of the workshop.

Next up, a more finished version of the previous week's "planning table" image. Drawing and rendering finished here, just need to go into color now. I'm particularly happy with the Warforged, and the faces overall. One of my favorite images to date. (also, check out my "evil soldier" brush action towards the bottom of the image!)

Last but not least, some character sketches for Ireta, the steampunk RPG I'm developing. These are two members of our standard crew. On the left we have an ex-stage actor turned pirate, with rock magic powers. On the right, our mechanic. She used to be the slight, spunky engineer tomboy. Now she's pushing 40, chugs Firesilk (alcohol) by the case, and looks like a lunch lady. She still flies around on her jetpack though.

That's all for this week. Keep posted for finished versions of some stuff here, and continuing updates on Ireta. Shapeways models just shipped, pictures of the final product should be up on friday!

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