Sunday, April 4, 2010

This Week in RPPArt

I'm working on some RPPR art for the New World: Codex of War 4e supplement. This is the work in progress, the crop of which got used as the podcast art. I'm quite pleased with the way the characters here are coming out, and I'm enjoying the tighter new composition in the later version. I'll be moving that tent flap over in the background, as it added some nice depth. I think it will frame the screaming warlock nicely.

In this episode, the robot wants to blow it all up. He is quite pleased with himself. (Check out the Actual Play podcast here)

Made this image for Ross Payton's RPPR podcast on Candle Cove. 

Very quick and not my usual stuff, but it worked for the creepy feel of the game that was happening. (i.e. the client liked it so we'll mark it as a win, even though I feel it needs some serious work)

So that's this week for me. Also did some sketching on a few other illustrations, I'll be sure to post them once I move past the "crappy scanned pencils" stage.

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