Friday, July 30, 2010

Yithian Sculpt (and name that Cthulian!)

 Per a request over at RPPR (and because my players haven't run across them yet) my next zbrush printable is a Yithian, the conical version. I gave him glowy eyes because... well, because I can. So there.

This one, again, is available in my shapeways shop. They're about 2.5" tall, so scale to most gaming minis.
Glowy Eyes FTW
And slimy goodness, of course.

And some images of the actual geometry without colors.

I'm actually quite happy with how his weird face came out.

A detail shot of his claw and cone
Just a normal 3/4 view
Once more with feeling

Also, I'm working on another one already. Let's play Name That Cthulian!

Think you know who it is? Post in the comments!

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