Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ireta Fire Mage Designs

Been putting some time into the World of Ireta RPG again, including some shiney new concept art. 

A bit of a firest look at this aspect of the world, we've been concepting the visual style of some of the combat mages of the scenario. The fire-wielding casters of the world, in particular, have become a passion of mine. 

A lot of their costume design is based on clothes worn by metalworkers and blacksmiths. A key aspect of magic in our scenario is that magic users do not have immunity to the magic they fling around. Thus the prudent (and thus living) fire mages wear appropriate protective gear to protect their hands and eyes from the dangerous heat of their own attacks. Hair is, unfortunately, a common casualty.

A couple early outfit concepts.
Some fire mage war masks based on some of the world's creature designs

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